The Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club (GSDOC) is located in Northern Utah. GSDOC provides members guidance for raising and training puppies and adult dogs. We provide instruction in basic and advanced Obedience, Agility, Rally and Canine Good Citizen certification to club members and members of the general public. We train on Tuesday nights at the Golden Spike Fairgrounds.

The club holds an AKC Sanctioned Obedience Trial every March and two AKC Sanctioned Agility Trials; one in January and one in July.

Our upcoming July AKC-sanctioned agility trial will be July 7-9, 2017 at the Davis County Legacy Events Center in Farmington. The premium can be found HERE; entries are due June 23, 2017.

MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE DUE by JUNE 1st. $35 Single and $40 Family. Please note that membership dues are not received by the August 15 class registration, you must pay the full non-discounted class price. Make checks and send to:
P.O. Box 3364
Ogden, Utah 84409

The third 2017 training session started Tuesday, May 2, 2017 and will run through June 27, 2017. We will take July off, and return for a new set of classes August 15. Registration will open for the August classes July 29th. Until then, if you are interested in seeing what we have to offer, please stop by!

Below is a list of classes currently in session:

6 PM Classes
— Basic 1 Obedience
— Basic 2 Obedience
— Rally Obedience (all levels)
— Novice Agility (JWW focus)

7 PM Classes
— Puppy Obedience
— Basic 1 Obedience
— Basic 3 Obedience (Distractions & Games)
— Advanced Agility

The club’s General Meeting is usually held the second Tuesday of the month, at 6:00 pm. After a brief business meeting the club features programs dealing with dog related topics. 

The next General Meeting will be Tuesday, June 12th, at 6 PM. Dr. Allison Grover, animal Chiropractor, will be answering your “what,” “how,” and “why” questions regarding chiropractic adjustments on your canine friend.

SAVE THE DATE! The GSDOC Annual Summer Party will be held Tuesday, August 8, 2017!

Please check out the May 2017 Newsletter! It contains many pictures from the GSDOC Session 2 Graduation night in April, as well as an interesting article on Mosquito Repellents. Simply, click on the hyperlink “May 2017 Newsletter” (in blue) to download the PDF or go to our Facebook page.

Past Newsletters

April 2017 Newsletter!
March 2017 Newsletter
February 2017 Newsletter
January 2017 Newsletter

Please check out our Facebook Page! It includes our monthly newsletter, reminders on classes and registration, interesting facts about our furry friends, notices on certain upcoming events, and pictures from GSDOC.